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Tape Products

Sunbow supplies several types of tapes to meet the different needs of different industries. The types of tapes we currently have available are as follows:
Double Coated Tissue Tape: There consist of two kinds of Double Coated Tissue Tape for different purposes. One is suitable for work requiring long-lasting to permanent bond, such as metal, glass, name plates, signboards, car accessories, foam and wool. It is also UL certified. The other kind of Double Coated Tissue Tape is suitable for such general work as leather and embroidery.
Double Coated Foam Tape: It is available in white and black. This type of tape is the right tape for electronic parts, automobile parts, furniture, certain kinds of metal as well as car decoration work. It can be customized to meet your specific requirements.
Double Coated Cloth Tape: It is made with strong glue and is perfect for carpet fitting work.
Double Coated OPP Tape: It is made with transparent, strong glue and is the right tape for toys and sports equipment.
Double Coated PVC Tape: Due to the strength of the tape which is made of PVC, this kind of type is suitable for furniture work, signboards and other work in which the sturdiness of tape is required.
Heat Resistant Tape: Contained in this kind of tape are Electric PVC Tape, Electric Polyester Tape, Electric Acetate Cloth Tape, Electric Glass Cloth Tape and Electric Teflon Tape. These tapes are all UL certified and non-flammable. They also can withstand high temperatures and are suitable for coiling, dynamos and electric circuits.
Filament Tape: The tape is lined with continuous fiberglass filaments which makes it especially strong and is perfect for metal work or heavy load packing.
Floor Marking Tape & Warning Tape: Both are made of PVC and come in many colors. When applied, the tapes are durable but easy to care. They are normally used in factories or sites to warn of dangers or to indicate emergency or fire exits.
Cloth Tape: In parallel with the tape line 70-thread strands of fibers. It comes in various colors and is suitable for many kinds of industrial work.
Gummed Tape & Reinforced Gummed Tape: The tapes are for general packing work.
Kraft Tape: One side of the tape is coated with glue, thereby making the packing job much easier and faster.
Masking Tape: It is dense and sturdy but easy to peel off with no glue residue. This kind of tape is suitable for automobile painting work and general industrial work.
OPP Packing Tape: Clear and color OPP packing tapes are both available. The tape is suitable for almost all kinds of work.
Protection Tape: The tape is made of Polyethylene. It gives very strong bond but is removable—if need be—without glue traces on the work. It is perfect for electrical appliances, sanitary wares, glass, automobile headlights and any item that you want to protect its surface from being scratched.
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